Terms & Conditions

Important Legal Notice

Tactical Grilling cannot know or be aware of all the local, state, and federal restrictions regarding the products we sell. Therefore, Tactical Grilling does not warrant that a person may legally purchase, possess, or carry specific items offered on our website. These products include, but are not limited to: knives and other items. When you place an order with us, you warrant that you are a legal adult without legal disabilities which would prohibit you from ordering, owning, possessing, or transferring these items under applicable federal, state, or local laws. You also warrant that you are in complete compliance with local, state, and city ordinance.

Ordering Policy

Please allow 1-2 weeks shipping time. We can often ship faster, but want to ensure you understand TacticalGrilling.com is a small business with frequent travel, and we don’t want disappointed customers!

Please allow up to 1-week response time to emails. Again: small business, frequent travel.

Tactical Grilling reserves the right to accept or reject any and all orders, regardless of the manner in which the order is made. All orders become valid, and the sale shall be deemed made in Waconia, Carver County, Minnesota, subject to the terms set forth herein, when accepted by Tactical Grilling in Waconia, Carver County, Minnesota. All sales are subject to the laws of the State of Minnesota and the venue for all disputes shall be in the courts of Minnesota.

No change, modification or revision of your order shall be valid unless agreed to in writing by Tactical Grilling.

Any terms and conditions set forth in the buyer’s purchase order shall not materially alter terms and conditions set forth herein by Tactical Grilling.